What we do

The origins of Protext date back to 1993 and we have been consistently focused on legal translation for almost 20 years. Our tightly integrated structure makes it possible to achieve

  1. very rapid turnaround of large documents without loss of consistency;

  2. consistency in the translation of urgent documents in the course of negotiations;

  3. optimisation of the translation of documents in the context of the editing cycle.

So all projects are focused in-house, but volume requirements are covered by outsourcing. We have very experienced project managers, who have worked together over many years. This gives them access to a pool of known and tested suppliers. When using external translators, there is no substitute for years of collaboration and extensive experience with documents of the relevant kind.

  • Law reports
  • Insolvency
  • Financial Litigation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Commercial real estate
  • Expert opinions
  • Insurance

Service levels to suit your needs

  • Summary Legal Translation

    Rapid assessment of content, context and relevance

  • Legal Reference Translation

    Proofed translation of non-submission documents

  • Certified Legal Translation

    Fully formatted translation of documents intended for submission