High-value Project Management

The key to the organisation of translation is prompt, responsive and when necessary pro-active project management to ensure the proper co-ordination between the client requirements and the resources of the translator team.

All our quotations, no matter how complex, are free of charge, and we aim to respond to you quickly and promptly, with a word count, price and schedule for completion as requested.

We are experts at the rapid quantification of the amount of work involved in a project, which enables us to respond very rapidly to translation enquiries of all kinds. We also vet incoming documentation very closely to ensure that the material supplied matches the instructions given.

We have built up a team of highly professional translators who work for us on a weekly basis across a range of languages. For larger projects, our core team can be expanded, but only in such a way as to ensure consistency of terminology and style.

We prefer not to split documents between translators, because of the erosion of consistency of quality that it risks. Inevitably, for urgent documents, translation by multiple hands will sometimes be necessary, but the agreement of the client is always obtained in advance.

So it is the combination of our in-house expertise and our highly experienced and responsive project management team that enable us to ensure the speed, reliability, accuracy and consistency that are critical for a first-class translation service.

  • Law reports
  • Insolvency
  • Financial Litigation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Commercial real estate
  • Expert opinions
  • Insurance

Recent translation areas

  • Icelandic Banks

    Insolvency and bankruptcy claims

  • Disaster Claims

    Expert opinions and loss adjustment

  • Commercial Property

    Retail, office and industrial leases